Willpower Alone Doesn’t Work and the Power of a Tinnitus Support System

Having all the knowledge and tools aren’t sufficient enough to carry you through your tinnitus health journey. 

Once you understand the nature of your tinnitus and have these tools in place, your mindset and daily practice is going to be your strongest guiding force. 

And in truth, we all need a support system to guide us toward sustainable behavior and lifestyle change. 

Trying to go at this alone is, well, lonely. And from a practical sense, ineffective. 

Trying to use willpower to break the pattern of tinnitus suffering is not sustainable, because willpower is finite. 

There’s only so much of it in a day that we have, and once it’s depleted it’s easy to fall back into the Tinnitus Suffering Cycle. 

We are wired for connection and belonging, and a willingness to leverage the power of community instead will amplify our efforts for sustainable change. 

This strong drive for connection has been imprinted in us since primal times, when being a member of a tribe literally meant life or death. 

What’s interesting about modern times is that we can survive without being part of a community, but this is not a recipe for thriving and creating optimal mental, emotional, and physical wellness. 

While meditation and mindfulness practices combined with integrative wellness practices will go a long way in regulating your nervous system. 

The force multiplier that amplifies and sustains that success is the power of co-regulation, which is essentially the exponential growth we experience when we are in a community of loving and like-minded support.