Why Conventional Tinnitus Treatments Don’t Always Work

Each person’s tinnitus is unique to them as their fingerprint and this is often not taken into account. 

What works for one person may not work for another. 

Sometimes the “fix” is simple, like treating a hearing loss with hearing devices or other technology. 

And if that’s the case, that’s wonderful!

But sometimes, it’s not.

Conventional medicine and healthcare focuses too much on the symptoms rather than the underlying causes. 

And some of these underlying causes of tinnitus (in addition to hearing loss) may be due to the amount of inflammation in your body caused by food, medication, autoimmune and metabolic disease, and chronic stress patterns caused by excessive exercise. 

Something that is often only briefly touched on (if ever) is that what we feed our bodies will either increase our health or degrade it. 

Using an integrative approach honors that the body and mind work together as an ecosystem, and to address one aspect without the other is incomplete.

When the approach to working with tinnitus focuses on the symptom or diagnosis only, it’s no surprise that many who try to treat their tinnitus using conventional methods don’t experience relief. 

Food and drink that are known to cause inflammation in the body can exacerbate tinnitus symptoms. 

Inflammation can also contribute greatly to symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can also throw more fire to the flame of tinnitus suffering. 

When reducing or eliminating foods that cause inflammation and nourish our bodies with foods that are health enhancing, both the body and the mind responds favorably.

And by implementing physical movement at the right doses (not too little, and not too much) in a way that you enjoy, you can reap the benefits that can actually help reduce tinnitus suffering. 

Instead of looping in the Tinnitus Suffering Cycle, you can choose to break the pattern.