Social Support for Tinnitus Relief

Hi there, it’s Dr. Janice Powis, integrative audiologist, meditation teacher, and founder of Mind Over Tinnitus™.  

When we address the root cause of our tinnitus, and we’re disrupting the cycle of tinnitus suffering through meditation and mindfulness practices, it’s a wonderful thing. But another aspect of alleviating the emotional distress commonly associated with tinnitus is building healthy social support structures.

Finding the right support system really is key for mitigating the impact of tinnitus as it relates to social isolation, and the distress this can cause in people’s lives. 

This is just one factor in disrupting the Tinnitus Suffering Cycle.

Working with any health care provider, doctor, guide, or coach can provide patients with tinnitus with the right the tools and the knowledge, but one thing that a mentor one shared with me I believe to be quite true is that 80% of the positive impact happens outside of the doctor’s office.

Because it’s all about the consistency, showing up as an active partner,  and maintaining a positive mindset. 

But while this is true, this becomes very difficult without having social support and community to be be there when times get tough. 

Studies have shown that there is such a thing as willpower and decision fatigue. So if we’re just relying on sustaining these practices on your own, it’s much harder because we are wired for being in community.

This video explains the power of social support and community for chronic tinnitus patients seeking relief. 

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