Can Earwax Cause Tinnitus? An Audiologist Reveals What You Must Know …

What are my thoughts around whether earwax can cause tinnitus?

My answer to that is yes, it can do that!

If there’s enough of a wax blockage or debris that’s built up in the ear canal, this can block some of the external sound that you normally hear and make you more sensitive to natural physiological sounds like the sound of your heartbeat, or the sound of your breathing.

And that can be a form of tinnitus,

If there’s so much earwax, or it’s been pushed so far down with a Q-tip that the earwax is actually touching the eardrum, that can change the way that the eardrum vibrates and it will change the way that the sound is coming through.

Dried skin resting on the eardrum can also create an experience or perception of tinnitus.

Is earwax the most common cause?

No, but it can contribute.

It never hurts to have your ears evaluated if you are experiencing tinnitus and you haven’t had any kind of ear or hearing evaluation yet. I’d recommend going to an audiologist or another doctor who can take a look in your ears and make sure that your ears are clear because if that’s what’s causing your tinnitus, removing the earwax will likely provide relief.