Mind Over Tinnitus

What You Need to Know about Your Tinnitus to Get Relief

It just won’t stop. Ever since you’ve started noticing the incessant ringing (or chirp, hiss, buzz, hum) in your ears and head it’s been hard to get some sleep. It’s 2 AM again and you’ve been scouring the internet trying to see if you can find anything that can get you some relief.  You’ve got … Read More

Social Support for Tinnitus Relief

Social Support for Tinnitus Relief

Hi there, it’s Dr. Janice Powis, integrative audiologist, meditation teacher, and founder of Mind Over Tinnitus™.   When we address the root cause of our tinnitus, and we’re disrupting the cycle of tinnitus suffering through meditation and mindfulness practices, it’s a wonderful thing. But another aspect of alleviating the emotional distress commonly associated with tinnitus … Read More

Simple 3-Minute Breathing Technique for Tinnitus Relief

Hi there, I’m Dr. Janice Powis, functional audiologist, meditation teacher, and creator of Mind Over Tinnitus™. First of all, I just want to thank you for being here. Tinnitus can not only cause frustration, but can also cause a lot of stress. And sometimes you just want to find some kind of tool to bring … Read More

The Root Cause of Tinnitus

Why Conventional Tinnitus Treatment Doesn’t Always Work In this video, I discuss some of the main reasons why conventional tinnitus therapy doesn’t always work. Too Much Focus on the Tinnitus Symptoms The number one reason is often because there’s so much a focus on the symptom, the tinnitus itself, and the individual isn’t looking holistically … Read More

Willpower Alone Doesn’t Work and the Power of a Tinnitus Support System

Having all the knowledge and tools aren’t sufficient enough to carry you through your tinnitus health journey.  Once you understand the nature of your tinnitus and have these tools in place, your mindset and daily practice is going to be your strongest guiding force.  And in truth, we all need a support system to guide … Read More

Why Conventional Tinnitus Treatments Don’t Always Work

Each person’s tinnitus is unique to them as their fingerprint and this is often not taken into account.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Sometimes the “fix” is simple, like treating a hearing loss with hearing devices or other technology.  And if that’s the case, that’s wonderful! But sometimes, it’s not. … Read More


The New Path is an Ancient One

There’s nothing more disheartening than to hear your doctor say that nothing can be done for your tinnitus. And going out on your own to find a solution that will work for your tinnitus can be demoralizing. So you give up. The tinnitus worsens. And so the cycle of suffering continues.  If this has been … Read More