When you rise above the noise, tinnitus relief is possible.

Step-by-step guidance for finally experiencing increased levels of happiness, energy, and decreased tinnitus related stress…

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My name is Dr. Janice Powis, and I’m passionate about helping you experience your wellbeing and vitality at your absolute best!

As an audiologist, I saw the short-comings of conventional tinnitus treatments and advice …

What I’ve found consistently lacking is an integrative approach that examines and addresses the root cause and treats the individual as a whole person – not just as a diagnosis of tinnitus. 

There’s nothing more disheartening for someone to hear their doctor say than “nothing can be done” about their tinnitus. This is simply not true. 

And after getting certified as a meditation teacher and also being married to someone who has experienced numerous autoimmune challenges, (including a sudden hearing loss accompanied by intense tinnitus), I’ve been able to witness the body’s innate ability to heal through healthy habits, wellness, and self-care practices.

I created the Mind Over Tinnitus program after working with thousands of patients in private practice over the past decade and noticing discrete patterns and measurable distinctions between those patients who were able to get relief from their tinnitus and those who became increasingly overwhelmed and isolated. 

I have deep conviction that there’s a clear path available for you to rise above the noise and not only experience less tinnitus-related stress, but live a far happier, more fulfilling life. I look forward to seeing the transformation that is possible for you as we do this work together. I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

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Integrative Group Coaching

The Mind Over Tinnitus group coaching methodology is designed to provide a safe, supportive environment for managing the challenges of tinnitus. Whether you want to learn new techniques to manage the physical and emotional symptoms, or are looking for tips on how to cope at work or in social settings, my goal is to help tinnitus sufferers find tinnitus solutions that will work for them.

1:1 Tinnitus Therapy

Receive personalized guidance as you navigate the challenges of tinnitus. Together, we’ll create a plan individualized to your own needs and challenges. We’ll use an integrative approach that combines evidence-based audiological practices with less traditional strategies designed to empower the individual an an active partner in creating successful outcomes.

Simple 3-Minute Breathing Technique for Tinnitus Relief

Hit Pause on the Tinnitus Suffering Cycle. Find Your Calm.

Learn a simple technique proven to reduce the “fight or flight” stress response that often accompanies tinnitus.


I have a high stress new job requiring a great amount of travel, and communication is key. I  credit Dr Powis for truly listening to my concerns and providing great personalized care – all that I did not receive at my previous audiologist. 

– Abby K. , Fitchburg, MA

You explain things well; you answered all my questions. I feel that you have that personal way about you, which is key to really pleasing clients and make them want to come back.

– Nicholas G., Plymouth, MA